North America

This journey is yet to come, when exactly is not sure at the moment. All depends on the evolution of the current Covid-19 situation.

The stretch to the highest peak of North America is a huge part and will be epic! A first part takes me 2400km from Belgium to Portugal. Here, Koen De Gezelle, Gijs Vanden Bogaerde and I will start to row to Miami. A 7000 km rowing journey that will take about 2-3 months. Once we have set foot on land we split up. Koen and Gijs will head back to Belgium (by flight I guess). I will continue by bicycle to Anchorage for about 10.000km and head up by ski and sled to Denali. There I’ll climb the highest peak of North America! This mountain is not to be underestimated. It is considered one of the more challenging climbs of the 7 summits. Something I’m looking forward to!