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To the last frontier

After arriving in Seattle I felt I needed a break. As planned I went back to Belgium. This was meant for some quality time with … Read More

The long way north(west)

I’m currently writing (while being sick) this blog post in Yosemite valley, with limited internet access. I will try and upload the pictures of this … Read More

Kilimanjaro summit #4!

After cycling 19.000km from Belgium to the start gate of kilimanjaro I “parked” my bike again and started climbing up the mountain. At the gate … Read More

The final push

After the rest in the Mutinondo wilderness camp I had new physical and mental energy to cycle the last part to Kilimanjaro. Determined that I … Read More

Zambian Tranquility

After my negative PCR test it was time for the last 100km of the DRC into Zambia. People in Zambia warned me for the passing … Read More

Cycling the DRC part 2

After a day of rest in Kananga I left to find slightly better road conditions. The whole drive to Lubumbashi took me another 2 weeks … Read More

Cycling the DRC part 1

As I was preparing to cycle through the Democratic Republic of the Congo I read different blogs on how people crossed this huge country overland. Read More

Starting trouble

The 29th of June I started cycling from Dolisie to the border of the DRC. The ride was great, mainly small gravel roads into the … Read More