A human powered adventure

Get more insight about what I’ve done of these Secutec 7 Summits!

  • July 13, 2013 The big start of a crazy adventure!

    I left Belgium with my bicycle, climbing and camping gear for a crazy project:  The Secutec Seven Summits, a human powered adventure. I want to climb the highest peak on every continent and go there by human power only. I left to cycle 3800 km to Mt Elbrus , Europe’s highest peak and climb it.

  • 13/07 - 21/08/2013 Cycling to Elbrus (3800km)

    After cycling 3800 km from Belgium to Terskol I arrived at the base of Mount Elbrus, the highest peak of Europe. I searched for a hotel, parked my bike and started climbing Mt Elbrus all by myself…

  • August 26, 2013 Summit #1: Mount Elbrus (5642m)

    After parking my bike it was time to climb this mountain. With 5642 m definitely not one to be underestimated. Luckily I was prepared an climbed to the summit and back in 4 days, all by myself.

  • 27/08 - 18/12/2013 Cycling to Nepal (10.000km)

    Immediately after the summit I descended down and continued cycling to Nepal. Which took me 10.000km through 2 deserts and the Tibetan plateau in winter. 4 months later I arrived in Nepal where I worked as a physiotherapist and prepared for the climb of Mount Everest.

  • April 18, 2014 Everest Attempt nr 1

    After cycling and trekking into Everest base camp a huge tragedy occured. On the 18th of April, a huge serac fell down, taking the lives of 16 Sherpa… RIP . After this accident I returned home to prepare for the next year.

  • April 25, 2015 Everest attempt nr 2

    The next year I came back to Everest, better prepared and ready to climb. Then a huge earthquake occured in Nepal, killing more than 9000 people. This almost costed me my own life when an avalanche hit basecamp. This avalanche killed 19 people and injured many climbers.

  • May 13, 2016 Summit #2: Mount Everest (8848m)

    At least I wanted to see how far I could go on this mountain so I returned to Nepal a 3rd time. I cycled and walked to Everest Base Camp again. This time no accidents occured, I was extremely well prepared and without too many problems I  was on the highest mountain on earth!

  • October 2016 - January 2017 Cycling from Kathmandu to Indonesia (9000km)

    After the summit of Everest I cycled to Indonesia with my friend Benjamin. Around 9.000 km we cycled together through Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • May 2017 - December 2018 Rowing to Papua and cycling (4500km)

    This took me a huge amount of physical and mental energy. The preparation was immense and so was the effort. A total of 6 months of rowing (+4000km, not including the breaks) brought me to Papua. Becoming the first person ever to row from Java to Papua.

  • January 1, 2019 Summit #3: Carstensz Pyramid (4884m)

    It took me 2,5 years to finally arrive human powered to this mountain and climb it! A great achievement and the hardest approach so far.

  • July 2019 - April 2020 Cycling to Kilimanjaro part 1 (19.000km)

    Start to handbike to Kilimanjaro with Frank Van Linden to Gibraltar, cross the strait of Gibraltar by kayak and cycle another 16.000km to Kilimanjaro. In April 2020 I got stopped because of closed borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • April 2, 2020 Arrival in Congo, borders closed, forced return due to Covid-19

    After 14.000km of cycling and kayaking through Europe and Africa I had to come back to Belgium due to the pandemic.

  • January - April 2021 Cycling and rowing to Denali

    Cycled to Portugal in winter and continued by rowboat to Miami. Because of a very hard sea sickness we had to stop our journey in Tenerife, after 1300km of rowing in 16 days.

  • June 2021 - September 2021 Cycling to Kilimanjaro part 2 (19.000km)

    In June 2021 the borders in Africa seemed to open up again so I could continue cycling to Tanzania. Angola was still closed so I decided, after some research, to cross the DRC by bicycle. A journey that is not to be taken lightly, but definitely worth every effort! Read more about it in the... View Article

  • September 20, 2021 Summit #4: Kilimanjaro (5898m)

    A very special summit as a group of friends joined me for the 4th summit of the Secutec Seven Summits! So glad to be sharing this one, but sad to be ending my Africa adventure…

  • October 2022 - June 2023 Human powered to Denali, Part 1 (19.000 km)

    In October I cycled to Lorient (France) and sailed all the way to Panama. There I hopped on the bike to continue my human powered journey to Alaska! In LA I finished part one after 19.000km of cycling and sailing