Tour de France

As planned I left my hometown again for the continuation of the Secutec Seven Summits, on the 3rd of January. This time the goodbye was … Read More

Pandemic life

After my arrival from Congo I was very disappointed that I had to return and pause my project to Kilimanjaro. As time progressed … Read More

Pushing the borders

After my relaxing stop with Mathias in Yaounde I was ready for another push towards the south. The Belgian stay was amazing (beer and fries!) … Read More

Borderline problems

After my visit to the monastery with its waterfalls and the Solar Sisters I was a bit reluctant to leave this beautiful and quiet place. Read More

From Lagos to Chaos

After a rest day in Lagos I left the chaotic city with some caution. The general advice of foreign affairs is negative. The risk of … Read More

Seabreeze to Nigeria

After Ivory coast I followed the coastal roads towards Nigeria. A welcoming change with more facilities but on the downside more chaotic traffic. Coastal cruisin’ … Read More

New energy!

After the holidays in Dakar I started cycling with new energy. Both mentally and physically I was ready for a challenge to get in time … Read More


It’s been a great couple of weeks. Meeting up with friends and my girlfriend in Dakar and spend Christmas and New year’s together gave me … Read More

Holiday season

After cycling out of Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, I made great progress towards the Senegalese border. I arrived just in time for the holiday … Read More

Road alone

Steven and I left Agadir on the same day, only 2 different paths. According to plan, I leave south towards the Sahara desert and Steven … Read More