Coastin ‘n cruising

After leaving Carcassonne I feel that it has been a while that I’ve been hand biking.  A couple hours later I get used of it … Read More

Off to Gibraltar!

First part About a year ago Frank and I left Belgium by handbike to the south of Europe. With this we were connecting the 3 … Read More

The next challenge

What’s next? Being a few months back in Belgium, I’m getting more and more enthusiast about my next adventure. The most heard phrase since … Read More

What did I just do?

Being back in Belgium now after this major expedition I can finally look back at this. It amazes me what I’ve done and I’m very … Read More

3rd summit!!!

After my cycling trip to Enarotali I had to get helicoptered over the area where recently the shootings and killings happened between separatists and the … Read More

Mountain ahoy!

.. Let’s get cycling! .. After a couple of days in Sorong arranging permits and getting the bikes … Read More

Final strokes

After some time to relax I meet George. He is an English rower joining me to row from Bula (Seram) to Nabire. He’s … Read More

Going strong

After my recovery time at Savana Cottages I set North-West to Ceram, an island almost 500 km further. Getting there was supposed to … Read More

Pushing the limits

This is a blog post with some delay because of connection issues here, sorry for that but finally here it is…   About … Read More

Mosquito’s paradise

We arrived on a beautiful inhabited island, that seemed like paradise at first. Until the sun was gone and mosquitos started … Read More