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  • To the last frontier
    After arriving in Seattle I felt I needed a break. As planned I went back to Belgium. This was meant for some … Read more
  • Cycling and climbing with ups and downs
    It’s been 3 months off the bike in Belgium and a lot has happened since. I’ve been climbing, cycling and preparing for … Read more
  • The long way north(west)
    I’m currently writing (while being sick) this blog post in Yosemite valley, with limited internet access. I will try and upload the … Read more
  • For the love of the mountains
    The ride to the Ruta de las Flores seemed to be a great choice for us. We both love cycling in the … Read more
  • Time flies
    When Marie arrived by the end of January we didn’t see each other for 3 months. We took some time to relax … Read more
  • Land!!!
    After two and a half months on boats and being connected to the ocean, I was relieved to find my beloved bicycle … Read more
  • Cycling the DRC part 2
    After a day of rest in Kananga I left to find slightly better road conditions. The whole drive to Lubumbashi took me … Read more
  • Lockdown fun
    A good rest in the Pyrenees gave me the energy to continue to Spain with Steven. During the ride Steven decided not … Read more
  • Tour de France
    As planned I left my hometown again for the continuation of the Secutec Seven Summits, on the 3rd of January. This time … Read more
  • Pandemic life
    After my arrival from Congo I was very disappointed that I had to return and pause my project to Kilimanjaro. As time … Read more
  • Getting high in the Atlas
    The weather and wind cleared after our departure in Rabat which gave us a great boost towards the High Atlas. This beautiful mountain … Read more
  • Road to Rabat
    The first week of cycling is almost over and we’re up for a rest day in Rabat. The capital city of Morocco … Read more
  • New life, new adventures!
    A couple of weeks ago I took a train back from Ceuta to Belgium. I had to be there for the baptism … Read more
  • A new continent!
    After our couple of days of misery in the rain we made good progress to Gibraltar. The weather is great and not … Read more
  • Here comes the sun
    Leaving the tourist paradise behind us and getting into more quiet places was a nice change for us. The busy roads are … Read more
  • Coastin ‘n cruising
    After leaving Carcassonne I feel that it has been a while that I’ve been hand biking.  A couple hours later I get … Read more
  • Off to Gibraltar!
    First part About a year ago Frank and I left Belgium by handbike to the south of Europe. With this we were … Read more
  • The next challenge
    What’s next? Being a few months back in Belgium, I’m getting more and more enthusiast about my next adventure. The most heard … Read more
  • 3rd summit!!!
    After my cycling trip to Enarotali I had to get helicoptered over the area where recently the shootings and killings happened between … Read more
  • Mountain ahoy!
    .. Let’s get cycling! .. After a couple of days in Sorong arranging permits and getting the bikes ready we leave on … Read more
  • The waiting begins
    After leaving the resort where the boat was supposed to arrive the 7th of April I cycled towards Bali to drop off … Read more
  • The journey continues
    Now being in Tanjung I have time to look back at my first week in Indonesia. After a 3 month preparation which … Read more
  • New adventure, same goals, new look
    A lot has been going on since my return from Indonesia. It’s been a pleasure being back in Belgium seeing back my … Read more